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Douglas Steel Fabricating Corporation was founded in 1952 by Douglas Reniger and Paul Gillett in an 11,000 square foot plant in Lansing, Michigan. Many of the earliest projects were designed and built by Douglas Steel using revolutionary steel joist designs. We specialized in pedestrian bridges, crane runways and truss framed industrial building.

By 1959 Douglas Steel began expanding with the construction of a new fabrication facility on the west side of Lansing. Within seven years the new plant was nearly doubled in size, creating over 50,000 square feet of fabrication space under roof. The new plant was equipped with the latest machinery for material handling, sawing, shearing, drilling, multiple punching, automated welding, burning, blasting and painting. Douglas Steel quickly developed a reputation as an aggressive and innovative partner in developing solutions to many logistics, scheduling and design problems.

Working hard to satisfy the demands of a growing auto industry, Douglas Steel completed many projects for General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. Through certification with the Michigan Department of Transportation, Douglas Steel became the premier Michigan supplier of steel bridges for the expanding state highway network. Working in all phases of new construction, Douglas Steel has built civic arenas, schools, government buildings, shopping malls, factories, industrial tanks, vessels, conveying equipment, warehouses, hospitals, power houses and airport terminals.

Douglas Steel has earned the reputation of industry leader in the Michigan fabrication and erection industry. Now one of the largest fabricators in the state, we continue to develop our expertise and capabilities in all areas of detailing, fabrication and erection.

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Douglas A. Reniger

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