Cost Management System

Douglas Steel’s Cost Management System is a means of delivering a project with the fastest possible schedule for the most competitive price. Projects today are being launched with incredibly demanding schedules and significant budget constraints. Precious time is consumed by the conventional design/bid/award/build process.

Douglas Steel’s Cost Management System creates an opportunity for the construction team to get a head start on the project delivery effort. It is paramount to secure the earliest available mill rolling date and reserve critical fabrication and erection capacity when a project is schedule critical. By working closely with the design team we strive to economize the design, expedite the schedule and trim unnecessary cost while taking advantage of ‘Best Buys’ in material procurement.

When your next project demands uncompromising performance and total dedication to cost control and delivery, consider Douglas Steel’s Cost Management System as your first option. Douglas Steel has successfully completed over $80 million in Cost Management contracts in the past twenty years. Average savings returned to clients has been in excess of ten percent.

The following projects have successfully been completed under Douglas Steel’s Cost Management System.

MSU SRF High Bay — 370 Tons

U of M Walgreen Drama Center — 750 tons

MSU Duffy Daugherty Building Addition — 320 Tons

DOW BPSC Office Building — 1,265 Tons

Accident Fund Headquarters — 1,600 Tons

WBH Troy West Addition — 2,845 tons

Grand Tower — 2,223 tons

DOW ELANCO Project Lytehouse — 1,240 tons

Auto Owners Multon Building — 1,000 tons

Temple Baptist — 550 tons

Troy Community Center — 625 tons

Mt. Clemens Hospital — 345 tons

Cooley Center Law School — 640 tons

WBH Rose Cancer Center — 455 tons

WBH Research Building — 944 tons

Ford Solution Design Group Building Dearborn, Michigan — 1800 Tons

St John’s Hospital North Pavilion — 2,512 tons

Cranbrook Natatorium Complex — 224 tons

505 West Allegan State Office — 2,650 tons

Michigan House of Representatives Lansing, Michigan — 2160 Tons