Douglas Steel’s fabrication process is built around a highly skilled team of people who are supervised by a group that average over 25 years of experience in the fabrication of structural steel.

At Douglas, we minimize field problems during fabrication by:

  • Modeling 100% of project, which produces complete drawings and detailing
  • Performing precision fabrication with CNC Robotic Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Asking more questions; once erections starts, everything works

Our fabrication process has been certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) under the Standard for Steel Building Structures (STD), demonstrating the commitment by our team to deliver a quality project. The AISC Certification process involves an examination to evaluate a company’s quality management system rather than the specific product. Certification is based on a third party audit conducted by people experienced in fabrication. The auditors pride themselves on being thorough, and companies must correct deficiencies to pass an on-site audit. By being certified, independent shop inspection may be waved since our quality controls meet all the requirements of Special Inspections as required by the International Building Code (IBC).

A customized software package provides complete traceability to each piece of material on the project. Traceability is maintained from the time of material requisition completely through installation.

Major structural fabrications are built in our 50,000 square foot plant. Miscellaneous Iron and light fabrications are built in our 11,000 square foot plant. Combined they are capable of producing more than 12,000 tons of structural steel and miscellaneous iron annually.

Our facility features modern equipment such as high speed saws, a robotic plasma cutting machine, a CNC angle/bar line, various welding equipment, overhead cranes, etc. required to perform the many complex fabricating processes.  Our capabilities also include an automatic shot blast machine able to provide a “white blast” finish that is both quick and economical.

Just in time deliveries of only the necessary materials are made to eliminate the need for large lay down areas and alleviates site congestion.