BIM / Model Sharing

Douglas Steel has pioneered the use of BIM since 1995. We have used this process successfully on many types of projects including industrial buildings, health care facilities and office buildings.

Our detailers are equipped with the most advanced computer aided design detailing system available. The SDS/2 detailing module developed by Design Data is a totally integrated software package tailored for steel engineering and fabrication. A CIS/2 or CIMSTEEL file can be output from SDS/2 for input into other design and modeling software. We also have the ability to import CIS/2 or CIMSTEEL files from various engineering design software packages into SDS/2. We have successfully used this Building Information Modeling (BIM) process to interface our work with other trades to eliminate interferences and to create virtual 3D models of structures.

We also have used 3D models from our software for architects and engineers to use for approval of drawings. This process eliminates the need to transfer any drawings. 3D models are exchanged, and each party reviews and comments directly on the 3D model. The approved model is then returned with comments. The approver is able to see the entire configuration of the area being reviewed in a 3D model.   This can cut the approval time in half, saving valuable schedule time.