GM Press Consolidation

Parma Ohio (700 Tons), Marion Ohio (637 Tons) and Flint Michigan (1765 Tons)

Douglas Steel Fabricating Corporation was retained by Ideal Contracting to install new steel and relocate existing steel to support presses being relocated from shuttered GM plants to Parma, Marion and Flint locations. The entire project was done using model review. No shop drawings were issued to the EOR for approval.  Only the 3D model was exchanged back and forth. All connection design was preformed within the modeling software.

Working within the confines of existing press pits, existing steel was reinforced to accommodate the new loading and support point.  Because steel was painted with lead paint and coated with lubricants from press operations, Douglas provided air monitoring and lead abatement so the attachments and reinforcing could be accomplished without exposing employees to hazardous lead fumes.  Existing concrete walls of pits were field measured to be sure that the new steel would be installed in the proper location. Douglas located all new anchors attaching the new steel to the existing concrete walls of the pits.