Accident Fund New Headquarters



Lansing, Michigan – 1,613 Tons

As Modern Steel Construction describes this 2012 national award-winning project:  “Imagine building a 10-story steel-framed office building inside an existing masonry structure, all the while having to both preserve and support the heavy shell. Then add the complication that much of the existing steel had to be removed before the new framing and floors could be installed.” Construction Manager, The  Christman Company, turned to Douglas Steel Fabricating Corporation to provide design and construction expertise to convert the abandoned power plant into a modern, energy-efficient 10-story office building without disturbing the historical exterior. The Douglas team began in Spring 2008, and completed the main structural steel erection ahead of schedule, even with a late start due to site delays.”

This project was featured in the December 2010 issue of AISC’s Modern Steel Construction.  It also received AISC’s IDEAS2 Presidential Award for 2011.