MSU Broad School of Business

FTCH recently had the opportunity to work with Douglas Steel in a design assist role on the MSU Business project.  Billed to be an “iconic” architectural design from the beginning, that naturally led to multiple challenging structural design features.  Having Douglas Steel involved during the design process allowed us (as the structural design engineers for the building) to consider all facets associated with the project delivery, including material, fabrication and erection costs.  It is widely recognized in the structural engineering profession that the most economical design is often not the least weight design. Having Douglas Steel as a design assist partner allowed us to confidently achieve the most economical design all things considered every step of the way. Equally important is the fact that Douglas Steel has a small army of trained, knowledgeable and experienced structural engineers on staff that are ready to help.

Richard SagemanFishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, Inc.